Growing up in a not-so-normal family home in expansive and culturally rich Mexico City, Beto was the second born of 8 children, a beautiful family led by an even more beautiful mother.

He was an extremely active child. You could be sure to find him playing with his cul-de-sac friends and neighbors, or simply enjoying his time being outside on his own.

Like any 9-year-old boy, Beto was elated when he received the gift of his first bike. This was not any ordinary bike, it was none other than a Chopper, equipped with all the bells and whistles: shift stick, chopper handlebars, seat suspension, smaller front wheel, and of course the smell of those brand new wheels. WOW! 


This was a sure turning point in this young boy’s life that would define his adventures for years to come.

Upon riding the bicycle, he suddenly found he was not bound by any rule or regulation, like in soccer or other organized sports.

Biking meant freedom. The world was suddenly his oyster, wide open.

Soon, unbound to sports arenas and fields like his friends, the streets of Mexico City became Beto’s playground.  Beto remembers speeding through “colonia” after “colonia” (or neighborhood), grasping for new adventures, sights and unbound exploration.

Consequently, being on the street habitually allowed him to interact with a whole new spectrum of people previously limited by his reach.

Let’s take a moment to talk about his just-as-influential family trips.

Beto’s family made the frequent holiday escape from the concrete jungle of Distrito Federal, seeking instead sun, history, culture, exotic food and natural horizons. Side note: before the time of minivans and the rise of the crossover SUV, the wonder station wagon reigned supreme. And boy, were they wonderful.


 Beto’s passion for travel and adventure was evident at a young age.  While the family slept snuggled up in the big wagon, Beto remained vigilant, eyes fixed outside the window.  Sleeping meant missing out, and that was not an option for our young adventurer.


Beto’s love for travel and exploration soon translated into a love and skill for hitchhiking during his teen years. Beto would travel between Mexico City and the states surrounding, such as Puebla and Guerrero by any means possible. Yet, hitchhiking was not limited to a raised thumb on the side of the road for our adventurer.  Our young master of the trade hitchhiked by land, sea, and sky in personal, civilian aircraft. How he did it, is a story for another day.


In 1994, destiny inevitably brought him and his only daughter, Kitzia to Southern California, USA. Through the years, Beto yearned to give his daughter the same love for adventure, and so did. Together, they explored the west coast and east coast of the USA and all the places in between. In 2007, they toured 13 distinct European countries with only a backpack strapped to their back.  Beto’s desire to see the world only grew during these years. To this day, Beto still has made it a point to explore with his daughter and her beautiful new family.


By 2014, the stars began to align in favor of conjoining his life’s two biggest passions: travel and biking. Since that time, this trip has been calculated and formulated and passion has been made reality. It took him 2 years to research and buy one by one the components needed to put together a rig capable of enduring an expedition as rigorous as to circle the world for several years. By December 2016 he sold his business and all his belongings, everything he owned. In May 2017 he said good bye to friends and loved ones, he knew he wasn't coming back, he became a nomad, a citizen of the world.

Which brings us to this moment.  Dreams do come true.

He travels like a leaf carried by the wind, without plans, nor itinerary, he just goes with the flow. He experienced the aloha spirit while being welcomed by many ohanas (families) inside their homes for over 8 months circling the big island of Hawai'i and O'ahu. Flew south to explore the land of the kiwis where he spent 3 months exploring the North Island and another 3 circling the South Island in New Zealand and he believes he saw one of them live. 


Currently he’s trying to speak Bahasa Indonesia, assimilating Asian customs, very curious and learning about Islam and the muslim religion while enjoying the abundant fresh food. So far he has been in the island of Bali, Lombok, Gili Air and Sumbawa, a very small portion of the 17,000 plus island in Indonesia. Visa limitations and requirements sent him to Singapore twice and Kuala Lumpur once for visa runs. Stay tuned!

Thank you for reading! Please hop on and enjoy this journey of a lifetime with our adventurer, Beto.