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Launching the website

Good or bad? To be a perfectionist, is it good or bad?

The days, the weeks, the months are passing by, and I'm still here!!!

All in the pursuit of perfection.

I want to have a perfect bike with all the necessary gear, I'm not done.

I want ALL my stuff sold and gone. I still have a lot of things, thousands!!!

I want to close all the loose ends. It seems never ending.

I want to be in shape and strong but there is ALWAYS something in the way.

I want to enjoy family and friends now that I am free --really?

I want to have a great website, well, the learning curve is getting me dizzy.

So here is my very first blog, a short one, just to get me started.

And I'm launching the website ready or not so bear with me, eventually is going to look good and will be easy to navigate and enjoy.


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