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Update for July 2018

Roofing in SoCal during summertime is brutal

Mother's eye surgery

My mom is in her mid 80's and has, for some time now, experienced issues with her eyes. Her eyelids had become loose and sagging and could no longer perform their intended function. After visiting a doctor, it was determined that her eyelids required a surgical procedure to tighten the lids so they would once again maintain a close contact with the eyes.

This was back in the month of May. After considering her options and the potential risks of the surgery, she decided to go ahead with the procedure and asked me to delay my departure so I could accompany her during the surgery.

Of course I said yes.

Forced smile for the camera

My mom understands english but she gets nervous speaking the language. On top of that, her hearing is bad and personal items of any kind are not allowed inside the clinic, including her hearing aids.

On the day of her surgery, I was very fortunate to be allowed to stay with her during all the questioning and preparation as her translator.

It took more than 2 hours from the moment she was admitted to the moment her bed was rolled in for the actual surgery. I'm grateful I could lend a comforting hand and be by her side throughout the long waiting period as she was very anxious and scared.

The surgery was a success and she is now recuperating.


I'm so happy the WT2W store is up and running.

Have you had a chance to visit it?

Please stop by and browse the store.

I'd love to hear back from you.

Do you like the first items?

Heat Wave

Regardless of where you live, the month of July was insanely hot and the likelihood that many of you experienced a heat wave during this month is high! San Jacinto is located in a desert and temperatures have been infernal.

Heat wave? No way! It's been permanent!

Case in point the recurrent and relentless California fires, one in our backyard, the Cranston Fire.

Cranston Fire 7/26/18


And of course, the weather conditions affect the work progress on the roof I have been working on since June. But thanks to 2 pairs of missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, who graciously donated some of their morning time to help advance the job during the last week of July, the work continued to progress.

Working angels

Back to Hawai'i

Last blog I mentioned my plans to be back in Hawai'i by mid August. Well, that didn't happen.

In Mexico we have a saying "No hay mal que dure 100 años ni nadie que lo aguante" which translates to something like this, there is no evil that lasts 100 years or anyone who endures it.

So after a forced pause of more than 9 months which originally was meant to last only a few weeks… through severe illness, long healing, family engagements, service projects, personal discoveries, broken promises, and lots of productive affairs, I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Now, I have a ticket back to O'ahu!!!

I’ll be back in Hawaii September 5th.



I'm finalizing a couple more surprises and I hope you give me some feedback on all the things I'm bringing to the WT2W endeavor. I know I'm the one doing it but you have to believe me when I say I'm doing it for you, because it’s true.

I can very well roam the world and enjoy it all for myself without posting pictures and videos, or without writing a blog. But I'm always thinking of better ways to share the adventure with all those of you that cannot do it for whatever reasons.

I really hope you are interested in coming along virtually, I'll gladly take you with me.

Please participate by writing a comment or giving feedback. If you have some green to spare, I'd appreciate your financial support by purchasing any of the one-of-a kind items available for purchase on the store, or by simply donating to the trip via the link below.

Thank you for reading my blah blah blah, the good stuff is coming soon!

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