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Thank you!

Love and kindness are never wasted.

They always make a difference.

They bless the one who receives them,

and they bless you, the giver.

-- Barbara De Anglelis

Thank you is the least I can say to show my appreciation for everything you have done for me.

You all are wonderful friends and I appreciate your love, kindness, support and generosity.

Difficult times reminds us of the importance of family and friends.

But this journey has taught me a very valuable lesson. It didn't matter where I went, kindness has been always present. People in general look for the collective good. Most people around me paid attention to my wellbeing.

And here is the amazing fact of life, I was a stranger to all of them, they all were strangers to me at one point. But kindness was always there, it was the catalyst between us. Once we met and started a conversation a relationship of trust was established and I was able to make many friends wherever I went.

But this critical event of my life showed me something new. Strangers responded to my S.O.S. My call for help was also answered by few people I had never met, this was very surprising to me. So this message is for you:

Dear stranger,

Thank you so much for helping me in my difficult time. Although we were strangers to each other but still you helped me. Your help reassured my belief that this world consists of good and kind people, that kindness, compassion and humanity are still present on earth.

Thanks to all those who contributed to my repatriation effort, the return to my country has been secured. Flight tickets and baggage fees have been paid in full and everything is in place to leave Bali the 17th and arrive to Mexico City the 18th.

This is my final itinerary:

Bali to Jakarta flight GA 407 departing the 17th at 12:00 arriving at 13:00.

Jakarta to Dubai flight EK357 departing the 17th at 17:55 arriving at 22:55.

Dubai to Barcelona flight EK 255 departing the 18th at 03:25 arriving at 08:30.

Barcelona to Mexico flight EK255 departing the 18th at 10:50 arriving at 16:05.

There are few minor issues I need to take care before my departure like the PCR test and the logistics of getting to the airport with all my luggage.

Finishing packing, Pegaso is already in its box and 5 more pieces of luggage being weighed.

There is one more thing I would ask of you, please pray that everything goes well, there are so many variables that could go wrong.


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