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Because of the goodness of their hearts

Sponsors: Welcome

From the beginning of my tour back in 2017 I have been the recipient of good will wherever I go. Hundreds of people have offered me help in many ways.


I have been hosted by businesses, families and individuals from all walks of life. The places I have slept have been incredible. One occasion I was allowed to sleep in a museum, another in a restaurant, a mosque, a couple of gazebos, a farm, many front yards and back yards; a number of rooms and garages; many churches of different denominations, but most surprisingly, I have been entrusted with complete apartments, homes and villas for days, weeks and even months at my disposal.

Many of my sponsors have given me out of scarcity prompted by a huge heart full of charity and compassion.

I have found that hospitality and care is everywhere.

I have been fed by countless generous souls. Some have invited me to sit and share their meals, some have cooked for me, with others we have cooked together, and of course I have cooked for many of them. Few have paid my tab, while others preferred to open their wallets and share their sustenance with me.

There have been times when using my bike was not a valid option, but then dozens of motorist in 2, 4, 6 and all the way to 14 wheeler vehicles have stopped to pick me up and help me get to my destination safely.

And finally to all those that have clicked the DONATE button and have been leaving a small contribution as a symbolic invitation to enjoy a refreshment, a meal and even an accommodation as if we were together.

To all of you I dedicate the following pages by honoring you for your altruism.

I recognize that while I was already a friend of some of you, for the vast majority the gift was given to a total stranger, a foreigner, a nobody that just happened to cross your path. And for that, I'm very grateful.

If you are into traveling, biking, camping, 'adventuring',

If your heart beats with content when you visit my site,

If you have been at any of the places portrayed here and felt nostalgic,

If you wish to tour the world with me through the screen of your device,


If you wish to contribute to the tour click the DONATE button down below.

I will be truly thankful for your support.

It would be nice if you leave your name and address so I can send a little something your way.

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